Spanish classes

Even though English is widely spoken in much of the world, the fact is that the global economy, especially the tourist industry and Call Center businesses depend on communication in different languages.

  • Learn Spanish to get more competitive in the national and international job market!
  • You are planning to move and live or just have a vacation with your family in Spain? We can help you to prepare for this exciting journey.
  • Your company has business relationships with Spain or other Spanish-speaking countries? We also offer company courses which can be organized to fit your company's needs.

Spanish A1 Saturday Class (24 h)
Start Date
  • Please contact us or check our fb events page for upcoming schedules
  • Every Saturday, 9-12nn, 1-4pm or 5-8pm
  • Course Fee
    • small group rate: – 6,000 Php (3-6 students)
    • big group rate: – 5,000 Php (7-15 students)
    • Prisma A1 textbook
    • Other materials
    • Certificate of attendance
    Class size 3-15 Students
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    Spanish A1 - Intensive class (60 h)
    Start Date
    • Please contact us or check our fb events page for upcoming schedules
    Schedule Monday - Friday, 9-12nn, 1-4pm or 5-8pm
    Course Fee
    • small group rate (60h): 15,000 Php (3-6 students)
    • big group rate (60h): 12,000 Php (7-15 students)
    • early bird promo: free course book (enroll one month ahead)
    • PRISMA A1 textbook (required)
    • PRISMA A1 workbook (optional)
    • incl. other materials
    • incl. Certificate of attendance
    • incl. eco-bag
    • incl. wifi
    Promo Early bird discount: FREE course book (enroll one month ahead)
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    In the Spanish A1 course you will learn the basics of the Spanish language in a fun and easy way, through reading, writing, listening and speaking while learning a lot about culture and life of the spanish speaking world.

    We work with the PRISMA books – método de español para extranjeros (Spanish for foreigners) which are structured in accordance with the Common European Reference of Framework for Languages and conform to the Curriculum plan of Instituto Cervantes, the world’s largest Spanish language and cultural center.

    • Introduce yourself and others
    • Understand the difference between formal and informal
    • Talk about your family, profession, hobbies, origin, likes and dislikes
    • Count and tell time and date, talk about prices and quantities
    • Talk about your usual activities and daily routine
    • Go shopping, order in a restaurant, make reservations
    • Ask for and give information, help and advice: where, when, what, how...
    • Understand bus or train schedules and announcements
    • Ask for and give directions
    • Accept or decline an appointment or invitations
    • Talk over the phone
    • Write short letters
    • And much more...

    Come and learn Spanish with us!

    Spanish A2-B2 - Intensive classes
    Start Date
    • We can start a class with at least 3 enrolled students.
    Schedule upon request
    Course Fee upon request
    • upon request
    • incl. other materials
    • incl. Certificate of attendance
    Class size 3-15 Students
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    If you are working or too busy to attend regular classes, then we can arrange private classes for you, that fits better into your routine.
    If you have a friend to join you, you may opt for the Semi-Private classes. Upon assessment of your current level and meeting with your teacher, we will prepare a lesson plan for you, which might include a review of the most important grammar points and practicing your conversational and writing skills.

    other classes
    Semi-Private classes (2 students)
    • 12 hours – 4,800 Php (per student)
    • 24 hours – 9,000 Php (per student)
    • Additional hours: 350 Php/hour (per student)
    Private classes (one-to-one)
    • 12 hours – 9,600 Php
    • 24 hours – 18,000 Php
    • Additional hours: 700 Php/hour
    • home-based: 700 Php/hour
    available books
    • A1: PRISMA A1 course book/workbook (alternative: ECO A1 or L.A. A1)
    • A2: PRISMA A2 course book/workbook (alternative: ECO A2 or L.A. A2)
    • B1: PRISMA B1 course book/workbook (alternative: L.A. B1)
    • B2: PRISMA B2 course book/workbook (alternative: L.A. B2)
    • other books available
    • Certificate of attendance included
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    Spanish Summer Class
    Start Date
    • Level 1: April 18-May 13, 2017
      with teacher Miguel
    Schedule T-TH-S, 6-8pm
    Course Fee
    • 5,000 Php (24h)
    • SUMMER PROMO: 3,000 Php (enroll by April 14, 2017)
    • PRISMA A1 textbook: 350 Php
    • incl. other materials
    • incl. Certificate of attendance
    Class size 6-15 Students
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    Spanish is one of the easiest foreign languages to learn, much of its vocabulary is similar to English, and written Spanish is almost completely phonetic. With this, you won’t be having a hard time learning the language. If you want to travel around Latin America, you should be acquainted with Spanish language, since Spanish is also a Latin Language. Furthermore, haven’t you wondered the similarity of Spanish to Cebuano language? Words in Cebuano like “biyahe”, “bruha”, and “biyernes” are just the same as “viaje”, “bruja”, and “viernes” in Spanish. There are a lot of words in Cebuano that are alike in Spanish. Thus, if you study Spanish, you’re learning the Spanish language and parts of Cebuano language at the same period. If you already are a Cebuano speaker, then you will recognise many similarities between the two languages. It’s like you’re hitting two birds at the same time. Interesting isn’t it? Then study and discover more about the perks of the Spanish language.