Why study Japanese?

If you're fluent in Japanese, your chance to be hired in a job will increase. More opportunities will be opened for you if you know Japanese.

About the course:

Our Japanese course is for people with little or no knowledge of the Japanese language. In this class you will be taught of the basics of the Japanese language. Various activities and inputs will be applied through reading, writing, and speaking. There's so much more, you will learn a lot about the different cultures of the Japanese world and their way of living.

Complete Beginner level (150 hours) - Learn Hiragana and Katakana, useful daily expressions, polite and casual language, 120 Kanji, preparation for the JLPT N5 exam, book: Minna No Nihongo 1

If you are working or too busy to attend our regular classes, then we can arrange a different schedule for you, that fits better into your routine.
We also offer private classes to cater to your individual needs. Upon assessment of your current level and meeting with your teacher, we will prepare a lesson plan for you, which might include a review of the most important grammar points and practicing your conversational and writing skills.

other classes
Saturday classes (24h) Please contact us or check our fb events page for upcoming schedules
Semi-Private classes (2-3 students)
  • 10-hour-package: 4,000 Php (per student)
Private classes (one-on-one)
  • 10-hour-package: 8,000 Php
  • home-based: 850 Php/hour plus transportation costs
available books
  • Minna No Nihonggo (350 Php)
  • Certificate of attendance included
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