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Our German classes

If it's your wish to live and/or work in Germany/Switzerland/Austria, we help you get there by giving you the foundation you need to communicate well with the people there and to adapt to a different culture. Our courses are divided into the levels A1, A2, B1 and B2, so you can easily find the right level for you and fit in, even if you have previously studied in another school. Our curriculum and course levels are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and the recommendations of the Goethe Institute.

Have you ever wondered where the smiley "Ü" comes from? Did you know that it actually is a letter in the German alphabet?

According to Boston University’s Department of Modern Languages and Comparative Literature, German has the largest native speakers in the European Union. If you’re planning to visit Europe, most of the people there are German speakers. If you know German, you’ll have a greater chance to communicate with them properly and know their culture better than a person who doesn’t understand their language. Many people also are learning German because it is now the third most popular foreign language taught worldwide. Your knowledge in German opens you to wider job opportunities like the need of nurses in Germany and Switzerland. Nurses are in high demand because of the national shortage of qualified workers. Germany is also home to numerous international corporations, so if you desire to work with them someday and earn lots of money, start learning the German language.

You have a German partner and are planning to move and live with your family in Germany, Austria or Switzerland?
Applicants for a Family reunion visa or Marriage visa must provide Proof of Basic Knowledge of the German Language.
Required certificate: Zertifikat A1 - examination held by Goethe Institut Manila, ÖSD or Telc Cebu.

Your dream is to work abroad? Nurses are now increasingly in demand on the European labour market. Take this opportunity!
Nurses or other qualified workers applying for a working visa or seeking employment in Germany must provide Proof of Intermediate Knowledge of the German Language. Required certificate: Zertifikat B1 or B2 - examination held by Goethe Institut Manila, ÖSD or Telc Cebu.

Your company has business relationships with Germany? We also offer company courses which can be organized to fit your company's needs.
Course typeWeeksLevelHours*BooksCertificate
Intensive7 WeeksA1105 HoursPluspunkt Deutsch A1Start Deutsch 1
Intensive7 WeeksA2105 HoursPluspunkt Deutsch A2Start Deutsch 2
Intensive8 WeeksB1120 HoursPluspunkt Deutsch B1Zertifikat Deutsch
Intensive12 WeeksB2180 HoursAspekte Neu B2Goethe-Zertifikat B2