Even though English is widely spoken in much of the world, the fact is that the global economy, especially the tourist industry and Call Center businesses depend on communication in different languages.

  • Learn French to get more competitive in the national and international job market!
  • You are planning to move and live or just have a vacation with your family in France or a french speaking part of Canada? We can help you prepare for this exciting journey.
  • Your company has business relationships with France or other French-speaking countries? We also offer company courses which can be organized to fit your company's needs.

Why study French?

French is a world language, which 200 million people speak in five continents. It is also the second most widely learned foreign language next to English. A sufficient knowledge of French will increase your job chances and allow you to be fruitful in your employment integration struggles. It is a vital requirement for gaining extra training, passing employment exams and finding a job. More so, your knowledge in French opens you to wider job opportunities like the need of nurses in Quebec; the only Canadian province that has a predominantly French speaking population. Nurses are in high demand throughout Canada because of the national shortage of qualified workers. Thus, if you desire to render your service as a nurse in Quebec, Canada, better learn French as soon as possible in order for you to recognize your patients’ concerns. Moreover, job opportunities for tourism and hospitality industries must know more than one language, for it is essential for you to communicate to foreign customers appropriately. In addition, if you have the interest in the field of fashion, it is necessary to know French because one of the big four fashion capitals in the world is Paris, where most of the people there speak French. In learning the language, you’ll get the chance to read and to understand Original French fashion Magazines. Furthermore, you’ll be much pleased and be greatly entertained watching fashion TV Paris if you indeed comprehend what you’re watching. French also is very useful when you’re visiting to popular destinations in Europe like the City of Love, Paris. You can pretty much enjoy the place if you already apprehend every person is talking about and every writings being posted in places.

In our courses you will learn the French language in a fun and easy way, through reading, writing, listening and speaking while learning a lot about culture and life of the French speaking world.

We work with "alter ego plus – méthode de français" which is ideal for young adults. It comes with a lot of multimedia materials to give you the most authentic French experience. It is structured in accordance with the Common European Reference of Framework for Languages.

We offer private classes to cater to your individual needs. Upon assessment of your current level and meeting with your teacher, we will prepare a lesson plan for you, which will include a review of the most important grammar points and practicing your conversational and writing skills.

Flexible classes
Semi-Private classes (2-3 students)
  • 12 hours – 4,800 Php (per student)
  • 24 hours – 9,000 Php (per student)
  • Additional hours: 400 Php/hour (per student)
Private classes (one-to-one)
  • 12 hours – 9,600 Php
  • 24 hours – 18,000 Php
  • Additional hours: 750 Php/hour
  • home-based: 750 Php/hour
available books
  • A1: Alter Ego + 1 course book/workbook
  • A2: Alter Ego + 2 course book/workbook
  • B1: Alter Ego + 3 course book/workbook
  • B2: Alter Ego + 4 course book/workbook
  • other books available
  • Certificate of attendance included
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